A winter in Kamchatka with the Chukchi

Project planned from February to May 2014

© Bryan & Cherry Alexander

© Bryan & Cherry Alexander

What can drive me to go to Far East Siberia right in the heart of winter, facing temperature that can go down to -40°C ?

Simply the will to see again the nomadic people I migrated with 2 years ago (see my project "From Kamchatka to Alaska") and to discover how they are living in winter time.

The experience I had with these people was so amazing that I could not resist to the desire to come back into this wild area.

The Kirghiz Odyssey

Project planned from July to August 2014


Here is a real sporty challenge !

Running and biking (alternately) for more than 1600km across the amazing mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

Scenic routes that go from 2000m up to 4500m, cross this country still preserved from tourism and lead to remote places where nomadic people live in harmony with nature.

A winter in Zanskar with the nuns

Project planned from January 2015 to April 2015

© Manish Lakhani

© Manish Lakhani

My first experience with the nuns of Zanskar (see my project "The heart of Zanskar") was magical. I truly felt in love with this place.

That is why I decided to go back there during winter, to spend more peaceful time with the nuns, and more particularly in Pichu's nunnery, which is even more isolated. The nuns there told me that they really wanted to learn english and I offered them to be their volunteer teacher for 3 months !

At the end of my stay, some nuns will go back to Leh with me during an epic expedition on the frozen Zanskar river.